Home Types


Avanti builds where you are—anywhere across Edmonton and its surrounding communities. No matter your desired location, we’ll craft a design that flows beautifully, one that inspires your mornings and enriches your days.

Estate Homes

Make your mark in one of the Edmonton area’s new estate communities. The spacious layout, the conversation pieces, woodwork and intricate finishes—Avanti will make the home you’ve always imagined a beautiful reality. Along the way, we’ll educate you on every detail, such as your home’s lot and exposure. Through months of communication and research, we’ll get the final drawings to your liking and remain a close partner as we move into the building phase.

Acreage Homes

At last, you’ve found your ideal surroundings, quiet and scenic. Now it’s time to construct a home worthy of such splendor. At Avanti, we know building on rural land is a unique undertaking. We carefully consider site-specific conditions such as roads, trees, wells, septic systems, electrical power and natural gas.

Infill Housing

You may love your current neighbourhood, but want a home that better suits your needs and tastes. Or, perhaps you’ve discovered the perfect location in the heart of the city. If so, let Avanti show you what’s possible with a custom infill design. Infill housing is in a class of its own. With strict city guidelines, specific building requirements and neighbourhood considerations, trust Avanti to plan your home with thought and integrity.


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Let’s bring your story to life through timeless design.